e-risk: User-friendly interface, perfectly designed functionality

Yes that’s right, we’ve added over 40 new features! Complete compliance with standards and frameworks – ISO 31000 | COSO II, Perfect combination of competence, technology and easy use!!


The software has been designed and built based on the modular basis! The task of each module is to automate the process of risk management and obtain relevant management and operational information easily

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Amazing e-risk: Get It Before Anyone Else!

Complete compliance with  standards and frameworks  ISO 31000 and COSO II!

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e-risk supports risk identification processes in a unique way, and through composite risk, protection and risk management model libraries it supports all risk management actions within an organization. The software uses a wide range of techniques and research and design tools, which the user applies precisely according to the project’s or organization’s characteristics.

  • Possibility to configure any given risk analysis model
  • Case studies allow you to explore the possible use of the software
  • Advanced theme options panel to easily customize your needs

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Our demo software will help you explore  the latest tools and functionality of e-risk. Not only will you get to know the programme faster; you also find out how useful the tools are, making your e-risk experience even better!

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The Demo is free and relies on temporary release of the selected software module!

  • The demo comes with brief pointers on how the data tools work and where you can find them.
  • At any time during the software testing you can contact us and ask for help.
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