The World’s Most Advanced and Innovative Enterprise Risk Management System.

e-risk system is designed to be easy to use and engineered to take full advantage of every risk management proccess. So everything works just the way you expect it to.



Enables the creation of forms, scripts, or a change of software settings

The newly installed e-risk software possesses an absolutely blank base, which can be adapted to the organization’s characteristics and user methodology.

The use of the ‘forms creator’ allows the user to construct new forms (e.g. an element subordinate to the risk) or to edit existing forms. Thanks to the ‘forms creator’ it is possible to fully manage individual fields describing the risk and elements subordinate to it.

During the construction of forms the administrator defines the form’s name and place in the risk model and can benefit from a long list of components. Among these components are: text field, to insert detailed information, or a description field, also dropout lists, scales, evaluation frequency or the person responsible for a particular stage of the management process, and many more.

Each component can be freely arranged, moved or deleted. While building the forms the administrator can also define if the given component will be evaluated in accordance with the approved frequency. There is also the possibility to modify already existing forms and to take into account changes made for forms already existing in the base of given elements i.e. earlier introduced risks, protections, etc.



Enables adding new risks, protections, control means; editing existing occurrences, their evaluation and conducting result analysis

The Management Module has been designed for conducting the risk management process. The risk and its elements are identified and evaluated. The users prepare the forms based on the approved methodology. The user, with appropriate entitlements, has access to the reminder window, in which information about the risks requiring evaluation and approval appears, as well as all other elements in accordance with the settings in the reminder editor (e.g. information about risks which are breaching the permitted limit).

It is possible to go directly from the ‘reminder window’ to the given risk displayed in the reminder. Another, and at the same time the most important element is the risk field, in which the proper risk management activities are conducted. Here it is possible to have an insight into and to edit the defined risk management methodology, and we can see which elements/definitions have been defined and which elements have been attributed to the individual definitions.

e-risk also enables the supervision of the evaluations made by the users. Each evaluation has to be approved by a person with the appropriate entitlements. Approval is also essential to be able to conduct an analysis or to generate a report – only an approved evaluation will be visible there. The programme also enables the result analysis – searching the wider risk register with a complex filter and presenting the data in the form of a table, chart or risk matrix.

In the menu analysis you choose those elements, for which data is to be generated. It is possible to add attributes filters for the relevant data. Thanks to this you can indicate the attributes you want to analyse in the context of the chosen elements. For example, you can generate a risk breakdown with concrete probability values. The user can also define if the analysis will impact current or historical data. The software enables defining the historical period for which data is to be generated. The generated data can also be presented in the form of a data table, chart (bar, line, pie) or a risk matrix. The user can also export the analysis into an Excel (table) or graphic (chart, matrix) file.

The risk evaluation results can also be presented in the form of ready-made reports in accordance with a Customer’s specified risk analysis methodology. In the prepared formats reports can be generated and exported into various formats, like PDF, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, RTF, TXT, XLS, CSV, SML, HTML, or sent by email.

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Automatically collects data from the database and publishes it to the user

Through the Portal web application, people appointed for the evaluation and approval of risks have access to concrete analysis in accordance with the granted entitlements. On the Portal, accessible through the Internet browser, the user has access to reminders which inform him/her about necessary actions to be taken, or other situations defined in the reminder editor. For instance, this can be the necessity to evaluate a risk or information about a risk having reached a dangerously high level.

Depending on the granted entitlements the user can also add, edit, evaluate or approve a risk. Evaluated risks are automatically highlighted and no longer displayed in the reminders, which makes it easier to move amongst a vast number of elements to be evaluated. The approving person can accept or reject the evaluation, if they do not agree with it.

Quick and easy identification of the relationship between the risk object and subordinate elements is also possible in the Portal. Additionally, the user can browse and edit elements attributed to him (risks, control means, etc.) and connections between them. From here the user can go directly to edit, evaluate or approve the evaluation of the chosen elements.